Deer head in my climbing tree, 10.12.15

Dear Molly, Your dad hunted. Not unusual at all for central Pennsylvania. He hunted deer and birds – quail, pheasants. One season he took two deer. He would dress them in the field and then bring them home. He would take them to a butcher. Sometimes he would give the butcher the head and sometimesContinue reading “Deer head in my climbing tree, 10.12.15”

Fiddleheads, Trailheads, 1.11.16

Dear Molly, There was a stretch of the Appalachian Trail between Laurel Lake and Fuller Lake. It was paved and had some smaller branching trails that meandered in and out of the woods on either side of it. The mail trail was a railroad bed. One trail, swamp trail, aptly named, passed through a swampyContinue reading “Fiddleheads, Trailheads, 1.11.16”

Heartwood, Sawtooth Mountains, 1998, 1.11.16

Dear Molly, You went to visit your dad in Boise over spring break in your junior year in high school. You were reading Siddhartha for English class and adopting a similar philosophy regarding the rejection of earthly sustenance. But not to let go; to hold on. You and dad were going to drive back toContinue reading “Heartwood, Sawtooth Mountains, 1998, 1.11.16”

Gram’s glass collection, 6.4.2016

Dear Molly, Your grandmother, Ginny, collected green depression era glass. It was everywhere in her house along with everything else that she collected – dolls, keys, prints, frogs, turtles, kitchen tools, teapots, doll houses, decorative plates, magnets, pillows, photographs, figurines, perfume bottles, hat pins – all of it immaculate, arranged just so, and in itsContinue reading “Gram’s glass collection, 6.4.2016”

Boiling Springs lawn mowing, 7.3.16

Dear Molly, Dad used to let the lawn get tall, almost shoulder eight on your preK body and then mow it haphazardly in long swaths like paths through a prairie. You would follow him, hanging back and imagining that he and the lawn mower were one creature – a dragon? a beastie of some kindContinue reading “Boiling Springs lawn mowing, 7.3.16”

Daddy and the deer leg, 2.4.16

Dear Molly, There was one summer when your family stayed in the house of a sculptor in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. They lived up on the mountain and the house had a sculpture garden and beautiful flower garden. You dedicated much of your time there to collecting butterflies, caterpillars, hunting for snakes, and looking for fawns. OneContinue reading “Daddy and the deer leg, 2.4.16”