Bellefonte, PA, 2.1.21

We stayed at an artist’s house one summer in Bellefonte, PA. The garden was full of his steel sculptures, butterflies, and snakes. It was paradise. There was even a spiral staircase. Everything was magical. I had a butterfly net and a dream. The garden was taller than me. It was my own Alice in WonderlandContinue reading “Bellefonte, PA, 2.1.21”

Tom’s River, New Jersey; Tim’s Mother, New Jersy, 7.11.15

Dear Molly, Kudos on purchasing The Annunciation for Tim’s Mother while you were in Paris. You spent too much money but it’s Paris! What else are you supposed to do? Don’t matte the print. She is going to take it out of the matte that you spent good money on and put it in someContinue reading “Tom’s River, New Jersey; Tim’s Mother, New Jersy, 7.11.15”

Garden. Garden. 104 Sunset Dr. 7.18.15

Dear Molly, You dream a lot about gardens. You dream about the garden in Pennsylvania and when you dream about it you dream about how you would fix it – flower bed by flower bed. You rip out all the plants and replace them with vegetables, fruit trees, strawberries, lettuces, and herbs. Sometimes I dreamContinue reading “Garden. Garden. 104 Sunset Dr. 7.18.15”

Wallpaper in my grandmothers’ houses, 8.13.15

Dear Molly, Both of your grandmothers have (had) ridiculous wall paper in all the rooms. The bedroom you slept in at grammy Ginny’s house had an American eagle print. You used to lay in bed the night before Christmas and not sleep and stare at that wall paper. At Grammy Addie’s there was a floralContinue reading “Wallpaper in my grandmothers’ houses, 8.13.15”

Sitting with mom at grammy Addie’s with her silver parachute pants. 7.25.15

Dear Molly, You have this really distinct memory of sitting between mom’s legs on the braided rug at Grammy Addie’s house. I can’t remember if it was summer or winter but mom was wearing silver parachute pants – really plastic-y material – and you kept trying to convince her to let you slide down herContinue reading “Sitting with mom at grammy Addie’s with her silver parachute pants. 7.25.15”

Moon through the window of our bathroom growing up, 7.27.15

Dear Molly, When you were young you used to hang out in the bathroom on summer evenings. You could see the moon really clearly through the high ranch-house window and you had figured out how to slide the screen back so you could let in the summer air and get good, low speed photographs ofContinue reading “Moon through the window of our bathroom growing up, 7.27.15”

Dusk at concert with cattails and mist, 9.15.15

Dear Molly, You drove with the family down to a concert, folk concert, somewhere in Pennsylvania. We were in the Ford Explorer? Or a mini van, but we never owned a mini van so that can’t be right. It was the first time you ate Mr. Phips pretzel chips. There was an area next toContinue reading “Dusk at concert with cattails and mist, 9.15.15”

Grammy Ginny’s deck and garden-praying mantis, 9.28.15

Dear Molly, You would visit Grammy Ginny in late August every year. In the evenings, after a day at the beach and then a dinner featuring sweet corn bought off the back of a pick-up truck on the way home from that beach (2nd Beach) you would squeeze the last drops of play out ofContinue reading “Grammy Ginny’s deck and garden-praying mantis, 9.28.15”