Golden retriever facing the camera sitting next to caucasian woman with reddish brown hair in a black t-shirt wearing red sunglasses and smiling

I am an artist and arts professional from Columbus, Ohio. I am also a mom, wife, runner, brick enthusiast, traveler, paddler, camper, collector, researcher, gardener, podcaster, knitter, sewer, learner, and maker. 100% lover, 0% hater.

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black and white illustration of old-times men running

The Fun Run Podcast

Why do you run? Is it for health? Is it a hobby? Is it so you can eat all the pizza? It should be. Pizza is amazing. We run for fun…and GLORY!!!!! Just kidding. We run for pizza.

black and white schematic drawing of the buran space shuttle

Three Questions Podcast

A-B-C. Always, Be, Curious.

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