Great Astronomical Discoveries, Correspondence from the Moon, Page 3

Great Astronomical Discoveries, Correspondence from the Moon, Page 3, November 03, 2018, mixed media

“A law of nature and the finitude of human skill seemed united in inflexible opposition to any further improvement in telescopic science, as applicable to the known planets and satellites of the solar system. For unless the sun could be prevailed upon to extend a more liberal allowance of light to these bodies, and they be induced to transfer its gratification of our curiosity, what adequate substitute could be obtained?”

from “Great Astronomical Discoveries Lately Made by Sir John Herschel”

Great Astronomical Discoveries, Correspondence from the Moon, Page 2

Great Astronomical Discoveries, Correspondence from the Moon, Page 2, November 02, 2018, mixed media

“To render our enthusiasm intelligible, we will state at once that by means of a telescope of vast dimensions and on entirely new principle, the younger Herschel at his observatory in the Southern Hemisphere, has already made the most extraordinary discoveries…”

from “Great Astronomical Discoveries Lately Made by Sir John Herschel”

William Herschel had a kid sister named Caroline. She was the first woman to receive the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society. She lived to be 97 years old and she was a boss. One her gravestone is inscribed, “The eyes of her who is glorified here below turned to the starry heavens.”

Ursa Luna

Ursa Luna, 2016, 14 inches x 11 inches, mixed media collage

Ursa Luna or Moon Bear – closely resembles earth bears. However, periodically will grow horns. My belief is that horn growth corresponds to seasonal changes on the moon however, more observation is necessary. Interestingly, the Moon Bear appears to primarily be a herbivore occasionally indulging in fish.

Tom’s River, New Jersey; Tim’s Mother, New Jersy, 7.11.15

Dear Molly, Kudos on purchasing The Annunciation for Tim’s Mother while you were in Paris. You spent too much money but it’s Paris! What else are you supposed to do? Don’t matte the print. She is going to take it out of the matte that you spent good money on and put it in some gawd awful faux marble matte. When you and Tim drive to New Jersey the only thing that will matter is the ocean. Remember how dark the sky over the ocean was at night. When you learn about Tom’s River that sky will haunt you as you read. Darker than dark – like the sky could swallow you like an undertow.

Centralia, PA now and then, 7.30.15

Dear Molly, One summer your dad decided to visit some weird places. He took you and your sister to Centralia, PA and the Palace of Gold in West Virginia. The Palace of Gold was bizarre but Centralia bit into you and has not let go. You have had a thing for mine fires ever since. You learned not long ago (maybe 2009?) that there is a mine fire in New Straightsville, OH. So you moved to a place with a local mine fire, one of the first, in fact. So now what? You have to make some art about these mine fire – two of them connection your childhood and your adulthood, a ribbon of highway in between. But you don’t know where to start. Maybe it is (those) highways stretching between PA and Ohio, between hometown and fiery mine. Some stitches, some maps.

Garden. Garden. 104 Sunset Dr. 7.18.15

Dear Molly, You dream a lot about gardens. You dream about the garden in Pennsylvania and when you dream about it you dream about how you would fix it – flower bed by flower bed. You rip out all the plants and replace them with vegetables, fruit trees, strawberries, lettuces, and herbs. Sometimes I dream about the full garden and my plans for it. Sometimes I dream about just one garden bed and I am in it, hands dirty, sweating and satisfied with my work. I think this dream is about healing. I think it is about fixing my past and my sadness that is tied up in that house and all those gardens.