In early spring in Appalachia trillium, or birthroot are the first flowers to push through the underbrush in the forest. They unfold as the snow is melting. They are understated and brief, coming and going in a week or two. The herald new beginnings, birth, and rebirth.

2016, 13 inches x 18 inches

The Bubble
2016, 11 inches x 17 inches

Love Letters
2016, 14 inches x 19 inches

Birthroot burth-root, -root ] noun – also called birthwortpurple trillium.  a trillium, Trillium erectum, the roots of which were formerly used in medicine as an astringent.

“Shouting out an open window between worlds”
2016, 11 inches x 17 inches

Head Trash
2018, 19 inches x 14 inches

2016, 13.25 x 10.5 inches

Hart and Palm
2016, 9 inches x 11.5 inches

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