In early spring in Appalachia trillium, or birthroot are the first flowers to push through the underbrush in the forest. They unfold as the snow is melting. They are understated and brief, coming and going in a week or two. The herald new beginnings, birth, and rebirth. This is a collection of collages made with that in mind. After a cold time there is a time when nature rebalances.

Birthroot, collage, 13 inches x 18 inches
collage image composed of many small circles. The upper left is primarily blue, the rest of the image is primarily brown with text in the lower left corner that says "the world". There is a large green circle with the text "the dream" containing two smaller white circles, one of which says "you" and the other says "me" and they contain a small blue and two small pink circles.
The Bubble, collage, 11 inches x 17 inches
collage image of a white pony. The pony's head is separated from it's neck by an image of fire. A cloud of flowers is emerging from the pony's nose and floating above its head and over its back.
Head Trash, collage, 19 inches x 14 inches

Birthroot burth-root, -root ] noun – also called birthwortpurple trillium.  a trillium, Trillium erectum, the roots of which were formerly used in medicine as an astringent.

collage composed of a tree with a green and floral background made with topographical maps on the left and highways, buildings, and street maps on the right. There is a line of windows running down the center of the image from top to bottom
“Shouting out an open window between worlds”, collage, 11 inches x 17 inches
collage of small brown envelopes, botanical images, and maps. There are two snowy owls on the left third of the artwork
Love Letters, collage, 14 inches x 19 inches
Collaged image with yellow ledger paper and white document paper woven into a frame around the outside. The upper right and lower left corners have collaged red, pink, and orange flowers. In the center is an illustration of a woman working at a spinning wheel. She is spinning the flowers into thread. Her face has been replaced by a purple star-scape
Roving, collage and thread, 13.25 x 10.5 inches
illustration of two deer, one with antlers, surrounded by a collaged border of topographical maps. On the right side of the image is the outline of a hand filled in with small brown, black, and grey circles. The lines on the hand are stitched in and labeled according to a palm reader's map
Hart and Palm, collage and thread, 9 inches x 11.5 inches