Berry picking, 11.7.2016

Dear Molly, Dad used to wait until the hottest day of the year. He would pack the pickup truck with a 5 gallon bucket and two smaller buckets- one for you and one for Em. He would put on a white t-shirt and sloppy shorts and you and Em would dress the same. He would give you each a blue bandanna and fill a milk jug with water. You would ride in the back of the pick up truck to the cemetery and drive all the way to the back to access road to the railroad tracks and the three of you would pick blackberries in the thickets along the tracks until the 5 gallon bucket was full and the bandannas were sweaty and sopping, the gallon jug empty, arms scratched from brambles, hands stained, blackberry pies imminent.

Published by Molly Cairney

Making stuff since 1982.

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