Decks on Decks


I started reading cards in middle school. It was a party trick I pulled out at sleepovers and summer hang outs to impress my girlfriends and creep out their parents. Now it is a tool I use for self-reflection and to help friends dig into life questions and challenges. I started building my own decks after meeting kindred spirit and incomparable artist and friend Cat Lynch. Her Cat Tarot deck is still my favorite.

collage with black and white flapper woman sitting in the foreground holding and stepping on shiny orbs. black and white historical warehouse buildings in the background, illustrated landscape across the bottom in blues and greens, number 4 at the top.

Cut Tarot

Each card in cut tarot is an individual collage inspired by the imagery in the Rider Waite deck.

black and white drawing with first ranger tower to the left and flying squirrel to the right, fire flowers at the base

Camp Tarot

The imagery in the Camp Tarot deck is hand drawn. It is inspired by the Rider Waite deck and the 2021 Inktober drawing prompts.