I am a collage, mixed media, and fiber artist who loves to research. I love process, detail, and layers. I love density, complexity, and building a world. I also love trash. Like, I really love trash. My favorite materials are discarded, thrifted, donated, and reclaimed.

Moon Hoax

In the late summer of 1835 The Sun published a series of six articles describing the miraculous discovery of life on the moon. The articles were a grand hoax but what if they were real?


These works are about changing relationships, endurance, and love. 


In 1994 my dad and I took a day trip to Centralia, Pennsylvania. I was 12 and had never considered that the vast underground could catch fire and burn indefinitely.

Wolves and Women

I am a feminist and my work is feminist. Hard stop.

Postcards Home

Postcards are a perfect snapshot of a moment in time. They are records of our adventures sent out into the world, public and private all at once. 


I started reading tarot when I was in middle school. Inspired by fellow artist Cat Lynch I started building my own deck in 2017.